Hungry Monster

crying, whining, drool, poo, urine and snot are just some of the disgusting things we have to tolerate with babies, and most of us do quite well. No matter how down my days are my 7 month old son can still cheer me up no matter what even if he takes a piss down my clean clothes, I still love the little rugrat.


Here is the hungry monster eating some porridge for breakfast.

Ile make garters of thy guttes, Thou villaine!

Definition of dog

Domesticated carnivorous mammal that typically has a long snout, an acute sense of smell, non-retractile claws, and a barking, howling, or whining voice, likes to shit next to bed and soak socks in its own urine.

A dog was not what I wanted at all and I certainly did not want a chihuahua, I’ve seen rats that are bigger, it has the mind of a magpie stealing everything and anything in sight and worst of all it using the home as a toilet, I’m constantly discovering poop and stepping in urine.

Its my partners dog but I will Have my revenge one day for bringing this rat home.




The good, the bad and the foldable paper toys


This week has been a slow one and with the lack of decent TV entertainment I found my self experimenting with child’s play, a rather relaxing stressful activity involving folding pieces of printed paper to create a lovely 3D toy to give you a nice warm feeling inside, it started after watching my fiancé fold and create a paper bowl and a diamond, it looked fun so thought I would give it ago. Its addictive and can consume a mass amount of time without even realising so to avoid neglecting the kids fold with vigilance please. Any way I’m sharing these links to some awesome sites with printable toys so you can join in on some wacko jacko fun!


The amazing iPhone 5…. Not!


So the iPhone 5 is available for pre-order now in the UK as of today, I know there’s been a lot of disappointment regarding the iPhone 5 and I cant deny it, I was a bit disappointed myself, I would have been been more so if I had the 4s right now, at least I can look forward to the camera update from 5MP to 8MP… Wow!

Here is a funny iPhone 5 spoof I found just to make humour Of the widespread disappointment, enjoy!!!

That’s the way the cookie crumbles!

Yesterday my beautiful fiancée was wonderful enough to bake a batch of very delicious white choc & raspberry cookies, now as I think most of us will agree that homemade goods are much better then any mass produced rubbish you would buy from Tesco.

Now these cookies were amazing not just because they taste good but because they are the closest thing to Millie’s cookies I have ever tried, Millie’s have always been my favourite so I’m extremely lucky to actually have a partner who can bake to suit my taste, she makes a very good apple crumble too!