Sirius oh Sirius where art thou

After watching the discovery channel about space, stars and planets, and one star called Sirius stuck in my mind, probably because it’s the brightest star in our solar system.


I’ve always been fascinated with space but never have I really looked up and actually known what I’m looking at besides the obvious ones. I downloaded an iPhone app called Night Sky which works by helping you identify stars, satellites and planets.

So last night I went outdoors equipped with night sky app and aimed It into the sky, I knew it was a part of Orion so it wasn’t hard to spot. It was exciting to find Sirius, a star I’ve never noticed before but the one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever seen.

What makes it even more special is the colours it lets off, blue, red and white, it’s an incredible thing to see.

I’m now an official space nerd.

Fucking mental psychotic peeves!

I can honestly admit that the most annoying thing in my life is people, hate to sound like a Scrooge but they do know how to piss me off, some people more than others. Below is my list for some of the things that bug me the most.

• Eating with your mouth open + talking, this is the one thing I hate the most.

• When you lock the door and some troll double checks that it is actually locked.

• Cutting spaghetti with a knife (this is a new one).

• People who hit there teeth with there utensils during food sessions “cringe”.

• Not closing the lid on bottles and food containers immediately after using.

• When a person moves your stuff from were you left it.

• Muppets with no manners, pleases and thank you’s are free for fuck sakes.

• Lips smacking when eating.

• People coughing and sneezing and not covering there filthy mouths.

• People’s faces.

• People talking and breathing in general.

• People

I have gotten over a lot of my peeves and I’m fighting my way through the lists, I’ll let you know when they find a cure for me.