Candyshell For iPhone 5

So I finally got my grubby hands on the latest apple tech and the awesome jailbreak Evasi0n!

When you do own one of these expensive little devices we like to call iPhone’s and your too greedy or dumb to pay the insurance, what do you need? A case my friend and a good one. Not some Shitty clip on that will do more harm then good.

So I went for a little surf on eBay and invested in a speck Candyshell. It has always been my number one favourite brand for iPhone and this delicious beauty has it all.

It’s the Pool Blue & Salmon Pink version, Check it out brethren!


Child abuse? Really?

Ok so I was browsing The Sun news site and I stumbled upon a photo of a baby painted with chocolate and sponge stuck to his head. They where trying to make there bambino look like Balotelli.

But of course “black-up” white skin then that’s obviously racism and if its a baby it’s clearly child abuse. Really? It’s ridiculous! If the parents are to tell and show the child when he’s an adult is he going to feel abused? Simple answer is no!

If The Sun had published it in a more positive way then the public would have taken it differently.

Well I found it funny and non malicious and I just don’t understand some people’s views on child abuse these days. Open your eyes people!