Would you like some tinnitus with your tea?

I’m sat here in my bed, the lights are out and all is quiet, or is it? Every year I get a blockage in one of my ears. A long family history of wax problems from my fathers side.

From a child I’ve had problems with my ears. So here I am in Sweden and just over a year has gone since I’ve had my ears syringed by a nurse. It one of the worst things, waking up in the morning and your hearing has disappeared.

It feels like I need to yawn or suck a toffee to clear it. I’m hoping tomorrow I have my hearing back.

Good night!

It’s a grave day!

It’s a beautiful day here in Gothenburg. We are all now finally relieved that the snow is no longer stalking us and some sure signs of spring are appearing.

The summer is what I wait for when all the wasps and sunstroke break out, yippee! But seriously the winter days and dark nights really do make me feel under the weather, mentally and physically.

Today we shall be going to the grave yard which is conveniently placed a short few minute walk from our home. It’s actually quite nice there, peaceful and some nice seats to sit down and munch on walkers British monster munch.

Oh happy days

Bubble Mania!

After surviving another manic day in Abba land and avoiding horse riddled ikea meatballs I find my self bringing the inner child out to play.

Yea that’s right Bob, inner child I said, with some good old fashioned bubbles, blowing bubbles that is.

We all love them, as long as they don’t burst into your eye balls then jobs a good ‘un. But before you start thinking I’m sitting alone in the corner of my bedroom blowing bubbles whilst listing to heavy metal, your wrong!

It was actually for my offspring to experience some light hearted fun. And guess what? He loved it! Yea maybe he didn’t say it but his face don’t lie.

Reminder to self to be buy a bubble machine so I can join the bambino in the madness of bubble popping.

God bless and good night.

The night is upon us

This has what my life has come too, as I sit here watching my beloved tv shows I can’t help but gaze over to the oversized clock on the wall to the left of me.

The child in bed before 9PM and our opportunity to get some free time to relax and not have to get up every 2 minutes to remove Oliver from impending doom.

I’m sitting here digging into my natures kindest treats and staring at the intensely messed up tv series, Hannibal.

But wait, it is now 11pm what the hell happened? The time just slipped through my mind and now all hell inside is screaming “Get to bed”. I have aged 40 years in the space of 13months! How did this happen?

Well that is what happens when you have a little terrorist crawling rings around you and the constant worry our beloved will be squashed by the enticing tv he can’t keep away from.

Well I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles my friends, another end to a day is upon me. So I guess it’s good night, sleep easy and embrace the morning sun with positivity and less negativity.