Sunny penny lane!

So these summer days keep coming and going, not much different then England. On the 1st of July we shall all be moving to Lerum, a small town on the outskirts of Gothenburg. It’s surrounding by a 3 mile nature reserve with a Forrest in our backyard and lake Aspen only a short distance away. Can’t wait to get away from this concrete jungle we call Pennygången, absolute dump full of weirdos and chavs!

It’s a new start , time to get healthy and hug some trees. But best of all, it’s a nice place for Oliver to grow up, and that’s all that matters. Counting the days I can assure you!

An apple a day!

I’ve been very naughty, I make these promises to myself that I will blog more, but unfortunately it doesn’t happen. My excuse this time is sickness, a virus has been bouncing around indoors and smacked me right in the cheeks.
Even though I was sick and should have been blogging about been sick, I failed.

But with poorly baby who is also teething its stressful enough just taking a dump so blogging is the last thing in mind. Over to more positive news, I happened to stumble upon a 2010 unibody white MacBook, it’s beautiful! Always wanted a MacBook but wasn’t willing to fork out the ridiculous price tags and the white ones I prefer rather then the aluminium MacBook Pro. So that was my excitement for the day, then tomorrow is a dreadful day packed with appointments, public transport and a up hill hike, awesome!

Sunday night fever

Last night at around 11pm Oliver woke up and cried with this high pitched wail, we went in to check on him cause he wasn’t sounding like his usual self. It turns out he had a nasty little fever going on. Was hoping it would be cleared by morning but nope he was still hot to touch.

When Oliver is well you can’t keep him in one spot, he’s a wild child getting into everything he shouldn’t. But today he has been so placid and relaxed so it was a rare chance to cuddle him as much as we like. He has been up and down, very lethargic and sensitive.

When I have picked up a virus I can barely live with myself, how must a little baby feel?


Put me to sleep

So Swedish summer has finally warmed up enough for us to get over the cold and snow packed winter. Temperatures has high as 28c have come over Göteborg these past 2 days. Must say its a nice change to the dark days we had to endure. I’m sat here currently on sofa watching Eurovision, I’ve just devoured a chilli sprinkled cornetto ice cream and swigged away on a corona and the Eurovision is still a load of shite, after 10 more beers it may be negotiable.

Well tomorrow shall be a full 7 days smoke free, do I feel good about myself or what! Seriously hate smoking and as it goes I’m not such a big fan of alcohol anymore although that could be due to the psych meds.

And speaking of which I’m gradually tapering my doses on the meds too! I’m sick of the weight gain, if I don’t get of them now ill end up looking like a white nutty professor. Well I suppose after having a baby your aloud to put a bit of weight on but when you can’t use a standard swing at a park and the toilet creeks with every movement I guess that is time to say “enough is enough”. And I’ve been shitting pinecones these past few weeks, even after bowls of fibres.

Well I’m tired now, sure hope its bed time soon but got to wait until we find out who wins the Eurovision zzzzz.

Cancer sticks and lollipops

At age 13 I started smoking, pretty much just out of curiosity and the urge to experiment, and everyone one else was doing it to so why not. At age 16 I quit smoking completely.

I moved here to Sweden on 08/03/12 and since then I’ve been a smoker. I blame the stress of moving to a new country and been in a vulnerable state of mind that kind of encouraged this habit.

My partner smokes too and of course that also influenced me to smoke. 1 year on I’ve decided to knock it on the head. My son is more important and I don’t want him growing up seeing me smoking or dying from cancer. What sort of example would I be setting?

Well I’ve decided to go cold turkey, this is what I’ve done in the past, it’s the best way to do it and the achievement is greater then getting hooked on a substitute which will only bring its own set of problems. And Jesus, they taste and smell disgusting and I don’t want to put clean clothes on and kill that fresh smell.

I grew up with both parents non smokers and of course that’s how they expect me to be. My parents don’t currently know that I do smoke but if they did I think they would be happy to hear I’m kicking the addiction for good!

Kicking it is not easy, I’m already falling into an emotional pit, physical withdrawal it starting to peak it’s ugly head, and I’m feeling extra snappy too, lovely!