I see you standing alone!

Tonight is going to be a super moon. Embarrassingly enough I’ve never actually seen one without my eGoggles, it’s not that I haven’t known about them it’s more of I’ve always been unlucky with the weather so clouds have hidden the moon. Tonight hopefully will be the night, it’s partly cloudy which isn’t bad it will maybe add to the effect!

But just incase I don’t see it, I decided to make my own!

How’s Twix?

So today was was Sweden’s national day and here at Pennygången an event was held for this bank holiday. It was an event mainly for the kids with a mechanical bull and bouncy castle, and a small buffet. I actually decided not to participate but my fiancé took Oliver and I was sent a photo via whatsapp of Oliver holding a goodie bag containing a Twix, and your probably thinking no big deal but I haven’t eaten a Twix since moving here.

I’ve actually avoided buying English chocolate bars due to the fact that the prices here are ridiculous so that is likely to ruin any pleasure it may give. But this was a freebie and damn it was mighty fine! Nomz!!!

Hello Mr Siri!

When I had the iPhone 4 the 4s was released a year into my 2 year contract, and Siri was born, I was a wee bit envious of the 4s having this new feature and was hoping apple would eventually port it to the 4 but that obviously never happened. Fast forward a year later and I now have the iPhone 5 and of course Siri comes with.

So as fun as Siri was it of course became a novelty after a while and even with Cydia hacks its only fun now and again. Though I may have lost interest Oliver hasn’t, he loves Siri. Oliver has learnt how to activate it by holding the home button and he always has a little conversation with the bot. But of course Siri is not programmed to understand baby babbles but it sure has a go.

Fantastic old boy!

I’m not a Sunday type of guy, in fact I hate them! But for a change this Sunday and in fact the whole weekend has been awesome! We got some cheeky uv rays this Fri – Sat and a nice cooler Sunday. It hasn’t been anything majorly special but a good mood has bounced around and many laughs were shared.

We went to Frölunda Torg (Shopping Mall) for a pair of shorts and some T’s because unfortunately I have gained so much weight I have only a handful of apparel embarrassingly enough. We had a nice lunch at Jensen’s Bøfhus which includes a perfectly cooked medium steak, chips with there favourite sauce which is delicious.

Hopefully a good week to follow.