Rayban 2140 50mm Replica’s

Item: Rayban 2140 50mm Rep’s
Seller name: Glitter2009
Seller shop: Dhgate
Seller Link: Here

With the summer coming up and the need to shield those worn eyes from the sun I decided to venture into the world of replica sunglasses, now this is not the first time that I have purchased reps but usually the quality is not to love so after some research on YouTube I discovered a seller on Dhgate selling 50mm RB2140 sunglasses in black with green lens.

After watching reviews on the quality and reading feedback on the sellers page I decided to buy a pair, they were shipped the same day and I got them after only 8 days from China which is super fast, I had ordered items the previous week from china that are only just starting to get here and it’s been a month now!

So upon receiving the package it was a nice weight wrapped with parcel tape, I had to carve it open with a knife, it was packed very good and secure. As you can see in the photos it comes with a box, certificate of authenticity, cleaning cloth, case and a paper with their range of sunglasses, unfortunately this isn’t what original 2140’s would come with, they were never apart of the tech range but still not a problem.

Now the sunglasses were heavy frame like the originals, and when opening the arms they don’t feel as if they will break like cheaper replicas, these come with metal hinges that are really good quality and sturdy. The weight is very comfortable and they rest on the nose with ease, the lenses are clear and colors are vivid!

All the markings are good and look as if they will last, these are the best replicas I’ve seen so far, fantastic buy and I recommend these to anyone, fantastic! No one will know these are replicas just by looking at them and they make you look cool as hell!!!!


This review is for educational purposes only!

And he shall return!

Today the ups man finally returned with my phone and I was hoping that Apple Jews were going to give me a new phone but they didn’t instead they just repaired it, boo! But it’s nice to get the 5 back, the iPad mini is bit comfortable to is use as you would use an iPhone!

It’s a hot day and I just ain’t feeling it, I can’t wait for bedtime! Anyway Oliver chilling with some raisins and pepper pig! He loves it!!


The Bastards!

So since 2-3 months ago my iPhone 5 started to turn on me, fucking me in the arse to be blunt! Now I’m 100 percent that the iPhone 5 is apples worst iPhone yet! A problem arose with the sleep/wake button that I was expecting to pay £50-£70 for a fix that would only cost £10 to do it myself! Luckily Apple has had so many people call in with the same problem that they have started to offer free repairs for the fault if you bought your phone in the last 2 years, great but it still doesn’t justify such a shitty design for such a basic function!

Anyway UPS picked up the phone yesterday the bastards! Hope it’s not to long without my precious.



Holy macaroni and cheese, computers are a serious risk to our lives, they can seriously fuck with your mind box! They never seem to work how you want and it seems the only way to fix them is across the neighbors head, but still they are a daily addiction for most people, we’re becoming brainwashed cyborgs, I hate too see what’s going to happen in 100years from now, god help us!

So pretty much spent my entire night fitting a new HDD and installing a OS on a Acer laptop and I’ll tell you what, it isn’t pleasant, it broke a year ago and we only just recently decided to get a new HDD, anyway it’s done now and when you’re finished it feels fucking great! Hallelujah!