Black and yellow!

Hey I’m alive, I’m here, no richer no poorer! Still breathing and dying at the normal rate so don’t worry about me, times are changing but for the best, there is only one way to go and that’s up. I am sat here currently trying to stop my toddler from shoving play doh in his ears and other orifices, that is literally what it Is to be a dad, kinda like working with the mentally challenged but not getting paid. Anyway it’s time to exit this establishment and enter into the open world, we’re on the verge of hot weather so we shall enjoy this In-between while we can!

Here Is a dead wasp for you to inspect… Enjoy!


Happy 1st of June

Boom, it’s June and jeez how time fly’s. I can’t believe half a year has passed already in the land of oz, can you believe it?

Anyway I’ve been having a hell of a week with the miseries of hay-fever caused by grass pollen, sneezing, sniffling, eyes, throat and ears itching and stinging like I been blasted in the face with hardcore mace and pissed on by a 6ft 4 ladyboy, it’s that bad. It seems to be natures way of turning around and saying f**k you, that’s how it feels anyway.

Aside from the inexorable attack of the pollen I finally got a hair cut, yes that’s right, this hobo got a haircut. I had not been to hairdressers in over a year and had only been trimming the side burns and whatnot, I have been hiding this barnet under a Yankees cap for way too long baby! It was time to let this sweet head shine with the stars, ooooh yea!!!

Ok parting away from my words of Shakespeare I shall now present for the record my new haircut, I actually got this cut last Monday (26/05/14), the hay-fever seriously put me down this past week so better late than never.

PS. I made this awesome filter myself on the iPhone app Mextures, Sweet!