Kent Combs

I’m in-between hair styles right now, I’m crossed between a hillbilly and rats ass, to put it nicely I’m in dire need of a haircut. But ready for that day I finally got hold of a proper hair comb and not the 20p comb from your local beauty store. Now the thing is, I have the dryest flakiest scalp in existence, it’s like a bird feeder up there! So these cheap nasty combs for 20 pence scratch up my scalp really bad and cause the dead skin to get caught up in my hair so I invested in 2 Kent combs; a pocket comb and a big ass dressing table comb! Now when I comb my hair with the Kent combs if I close my eyes just for a second I’m almost convinced it’s Jesus running his fingers through my hair with angels singing so sweetly. It is ridiculously smooth and scalp-friendly. I got these combs from Also comes with free shipping to anywhere in Europe with orders over 10GBP.



Gomorra – Best TV series right now!

So I am a tv/movie freak! Unfortunately there are few and far between of decent content and there is a major dry spell in my life right now, I have practically run out of stuff to watch. I consistently scroll through imdb seeking the next big thing to light up my TV set but with Hollywood trend of spitting out bullshit it’s bit an easy task.

It’s so bad I have bad to resort to foreign tv, now over the years I have gradually become accustomed to the use of subtitles in foreign films, well today I hit the jackpot with an Italian crime dram called Gomorra

This is an excellently written and executed tv show, it’s gritty and realistic with fantastic acting and likable characters.

If you like Italian mafia dramas like the Sopranos you will love this beautiful piece of modern art.