Bruno zee Bear

Oh I had to just add this quick post about one of Oliver’s gift, it’s hilarious.

Basically it’s an interactive Bear named Bruno and it sleeps, eats, laughs, snores, the usual. It’s pretty cool and extremely cute. But damn it looks like a stoner. I mean those eyes man look extremely suspicious, like he been vaping some good stuff while I’m not looking, creepy!!!



Dia De Los Muertos

Let’s face it life gets a wee bit monotonous sometimes and you may find your self in a repeating loop of doom and gloom, it happens to the best of us. Now to avoid this I find that bringing your feral side out can really reverse this so that’s what I did.

I woke up one morning and I was like f*ck this, and decided to buy the most extreme item I’ve ever purchased in my life, a adult colouring book!!! Wow!

Now instead of looking after the kid, I can be the kid, wow all my aspirations have come true.

But on a serious note, I can imagine this will be a good way to de-stress and take my mind away from all the hate in in the world and concentrate on making dead skulls look pretty. Sweet!


Rayban 2140 50mm Replica’s

Item: Rayban 2140 50mm Rep’s
Seller name: Glitter2009
Seller shop: Dhgate
Seller Link: Here

With the summer coming up and the need to shield those worn eyes from the sun I decided to venture into the world of replica sunglasses, now this is not the first time that I have purchased reps but usually the quality is not to love so after some research on YouTube I discovered a seller on Dhgate selling 50mm RB2140 sunglasses in black with green lens.

After watching reviews on the quality and reading feedback on the sellers page I decided to buy a pair, they were shipped the same day and I got them after only 8 days from China which is super fast, I had ordered items the previous week from china that are only just starting to get here and it’s been a month now!

So upon receiving the package it was a nice weight wrapped with parcel tape, I had to carve it open with a knife, it was packed very good and secure. As you can see in the photos it comes with a box, certificate of authenticity, cleaning cloth, case and a paper with their range of sunglasses, unfortunately this isn’t what original 2140’s would come with, they were never apart of the tech range but still not a problem.

Now the sunglasses were heavy frame like the originals, and when opening the arms they don’t feel as if they will break like cheaper replicas, these come with metal hinges that are really good quality and sturdy. The weight is very comfortable and they rest on the nose with ease, the lenses are clear and colors are vivid!

All the markings are good and look as if they will last, these are the best replicas I’ve seen so far, fantastic buy and I recommend these to anyone, fantastic! No one will know these are replicas just by looking at them and they make you look cool as hell!!!!


This review is for educational purposes only!

Head Case

In this day and age we got all sorts of expensive hardware, we got our HDTV, smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras and the list goes on, now I especially want to protect the handheld items and they include my iPhone and iPad mini! So I picked up this little piece of art for my iPad mini, a Head Case Bear case case! It’s some sort of Aztec patterned bear, it really stands out and it was hard to choose because Head Case have lots of great cases to choose but this one stood out to me. It’s those eyes, beautiful!