Oh my days

I just discovered through my daily delivery of junk mail an email from firebox announcing a new gadget/toy which has seriously given me a roboner.

It’s a toy robot that drives around like a Segway and can be controlled by your iPhone, now I usually don’t take notice of these toy robots just for the fact that there usually a pile of crap but this sweet little robo-baby really got me excited.

Now I will probably not end up getting my hands on him ever but it is most definitely on my wish list and I would definitely NOT be disappointed if this was under my Xmas tree this year. It cost £99 from firebox and it is probably the cutest thing ever created, apart from Oliver of course!

His name is MIP and he wants to live with me, I will protect him from the greasy smelly ketchup stained hands of a 2 year old and give a lovely home with lots of love and respect, he can be my brobot.

You are welcome to Sweden MIP, I love you!



I’m all slushed up!

One thing I didn’t mention was that with the sånd I also bought 2 slushy mugs from vat19, the mugs were actually the reason I ordered from vat19 to begin with. They come in red, blue, teal and purple. We ended up getting the teal and purple and all I can say is there fab.

It’s funny cause I don’t even like slushy but these are incredible, I was a bit skeptical at first but they work great. You basically have to put the core In the freezer for minimum of 6 hours, take them out, pour in a sugary liquid and stir for 10 mins and boom you get slush, It’s fricking awesome, now I can get a slushy brain freeze in the comfort of my own home, yay!


The magical mutha f*ckin Sånd

I just recently discovered this little play thing which is called Sånd, it’s basically real sand mixed with polymer that gives it this ability to stick to its self almost like its wet and it makes it easier to shape it and create less mess and if your willing to dish a few more dollars they will give you a desktop sandbox too which Is pretty neat and a nice build quality too!

The main purpose of this is so our 2 year old can play with sand indoors without it getting loose all over the house and sticking to everything, it’s minimum age to use is 5 but with supervision it is a great little kit. I bought it from vat19.com for $40 and that gives you 1kg of Sånd and a sandbox.

Shipping with usps cost me approximately $25. If your wondering about that Scandinavian letter (å) it’s because it’s actually a Swedish invention. It’s great stuff and is great for adults and kids, I can imagine its a nice little stress reliever too for the the office desk! I would definitely recommend this to anyone and have fun it’s great.


Feeling green

Ok so this will be my 3rd night now of been sick with the norovirus bug and even though I have stopped vomiting I’m still feeling like shit, I have no appetite and even just sipping water gives me the worst stomach ache/ nausea.

So I’m about to give up on food all together until it’s fully healed and my appetite is back cause I’m suffering greatly. But on a plus side I got my personalised tumbler yesterday from the states… Look!!


Candyshell For iPhone 5

So I finally got my grubby hands on the latest apple tech and the awesome jailbreak Evasi0n!

When you do own one of these expensive little devices we like to call iPhone’s and your too greedy or dumb to pay the insurance, what do you need? A case my friend and a good one. Not some Shitty clip on that will do more harm then good.

So I went for a little surf on eBay and invested in a speck Candyshell. It has always been my number one favourite brand for iPhone and this delicious beauty has it all.

It’s the Pool Blue & Salmon Pink version, Check it out brethren!