Sunday chilling

It was a lovely windy day here in Hull today so we decided to go out and visit the Maritime museum for the millionth time, it’s actually a pretty cool museum though so no dramas there. 

Here’s Olly sailing a ship like a pro but, psst! It’s not a real ship, thank god or it would be titanic all over again ahem! 

Here is a pretty cool Narwhal skeleton hanging from the ceiling, the unicorn of the ocean, beautiful, when it’s alive of course, not dead, I prefer breathing things, no emo. (Nothing against Emo’s though ahem)

Some weird ivory arty shit, pretty cool, I’m digging it. But nothing cool about killing stuff to make art that ain’t cool, nope. 

Here is a whole casing of Narwhal horns and artsy bone art, yeah again nothing cool about killing animals for art or display but still cool to be able see this shit, lets face it, it’s not like I’m going to get a pet Narwhal anyday soon.

Pretty cool headshot of the huge whale skeleton they got, pretty amazing that we have creatures this big lurking in our oceans. 

Some show off making all these awesome knots and putting them on display, I can barely tie a shoe lace, what a pro, pat on the back to you, you awesome knot tying master person. 

Having a little peek outta da window at the old Queen Vic and the newly laid paving, ah and the blue skies, so blue and lovely. 

Eric the polar bear and his skeleton friend just saying hej! God damn those poachers,  beautiful animal. 

Leaving the Maritime museum now, here’s Olly saying bye bye to his sweetheart Rosetta, ah young love at it’s best. 

At this point we went to Primark, I won’t comment on this as I would rather forget this segment of the day, terrible place, just terrible. 

Now we head over to the newly refurbished Ferens Art gallery, don’t know who these two people are though blocking my shot, cheeky. 

A pretty nice pile of stones, quite impressive, a lot of effort and time went into this art piece, absolute genius, just wow!

No photos beyond this point but I sneaked one anyway (thug life). Olly looking for mummy, naked, normal ha!

Just admiring the view of this amazing building, they’re probably not impressed though, not easily impressed. 

After all that art and history we decided to go into the second worst place in Hull after Primark, McDonald’s, to takeaway some cheeseburgers and ice cream, only I had ice cream though (thug life). As you can see Olly falling asleep grinning, that burger must be amazeballs. 

Final pic heading home, I just had to take a photo of this lovely view, just kidding, looks like crap, not blind, no offence to blind people. 

The end!

Happy days! 

American snackeroos

So my local pound shop or pound land not sure which one it is, has this very awesome American section, now I remember a time when us Brits only heard the word ‘twinky’ on our TV sets, then one day you see them in Tesco for £10 a pack!

Not anymore, now you can just go to pound land shop and buy it all for a pound, amazing. Anyway today I discovered these American peanut butter treats, two completely different treats actually, one made by nestle and the other by some company I can’t remember, but the latter is not important because they taste like crap, but the nestle butterfingers bites treats were a delicious treat, nomz.

Little help from a friend 

Kids, Christmas, Christmas, kids, it goes hand in hand but not always as you would like, kids misbehave, and as we know Santa can’t be around to watch all the kids so he sends his little elves in swarms to be his little spies. 

Here’s our elf, he’s called Zippy, and he’s been a great help upto now but I think when no one is around he gets upto no-good in the night, I may have to monitor this one. 

It’s just science – Day 6

Ok so after almost 3 years of joblessness in Sweden, we took the decision to move to England, the plan is simple, I shall leave for England and after I have managed to find a job and earn enough money to survive they will eventually follow. This must be one of the most painful things I have ever undertaken!

It feels the only way to cope is to try to push it to the back of the mind but as it is life, it’s not so simple. We take all these things and beings for granted because they are there everyday and we don’t appreciate them like we should, because we are blinded by our own stupidity and it takes something extreme to make us realise what we have and lost.

So here I am, 6 days into my life experiment in England, it is not certain if this will succeed, there is a very large chance I may end up returning, whether it be a different city, country or planet that is where my home will be, with them. Now this is my second attempt
at this, the first time I returned after 7 days, it was too painful, this time I knew what pain I would feel, I was ready for it, I can’t say prepared because you can’t ever be prepared for that sort of transition.

Even though I was born and raised in this country, It is no longer my home, of course things can change but as it is, England is a strange country to me, although I understand it like no other, my heart is in Sweden, even though life wasn’t great there, it was home long enough to condition the brain.

I will carry on with this painful journey, and see where it brings me, so far I haven’t found the yellow brick road but I will keep seeking.