Don’t worry, be happy.

Well today, we managed to have a long sleep in, all the way to 9:30, it’s the longest sleep in I’ve had in a while. Great start but slow day so we decided to make some Peppa Pig cupcakes for Oliver, cause damn we lurrve cupcakes, anyway these weren’t any ordinary cupcakes, these were muddy puddle cupcakes!!

After they were done we finished one of each with a glass of cold white moo juice, nomz!


White out

So today we played like gods in the snow as promised, but, we first ventured to the storage room in search for the sledge! It’s that time of year again to get absolutely nithered to the bone for the sake of fun or not.

Now as the child is only 1036 days old which means he is 2yrs 10 Months, sooo we are limited to dwarf hills which is cool because it decreases our chances of broken limbs which is a plus.

Anyway, got the kid on the sledge, pulled him around, pushed him down a hill a few times, joined him for a few, all good fun. Unfortunately his gloves got wet, so it started to get a bit painful for him so we had to return home and eat some very questionable soup, watches an episode of Dr Who and then it’s just been a survival up until this moment.

Here is 3 quick pix to really show the snow in all its glory…


Not A Lot

Ok so my life is pretty boring and for that reason only I shouldn’t have a blog as this just highlights how boring my life really is. Sure maybe it’s good to have a blog during your boring life just so If your life suddenly gets interesting then you will see this awesome transition all wrapped nicely in your little boring blog.

So as my life is so boring here is another boring blog post highlighting my boring life, enjoy.

So today has been a slow and boring day, not a lot has really happened, a few tantrums, and some other stuff, to be honest I can’t for the life of me remember much from today as if I’ve been in a coma, but I haven’t. Anyway what I do remember is finishing of some honey glazed ribs with potato salad and garlic bread.

We finished this faithful day with some not-so-bloody Blood Orange, I crave a proper blood orange but haven’t yet found it. Oh save me Lord.

Tomorrow we shall play in the snow like true gods.

Good night.


Christmas Day – Day 2 – Part 2

This will be a quick post, as I’m typing this my eye balls are sticking and it’s rather uncomfortable. So basically here is a quick run down of my Xmas day part 2.

As we was sick we didn’t eat Xmas dinner on the Swedish Xmas day so instead we had Xmas dinner on the English Xmas day, the usual 25th for most other countries. Now it was rather stressed and we forgot or left out certain things from the dish but all in all it came out rather delicious.

Not a lot to add really, it’s been a good Xmas but shadowed with bad luck due to the sicknesses, and it’s still ongoing. But from today Xmas is over for me.

Now it’s time to sleep, or at least try.