Oh Xmas tree, oh Xmas tree.

I lurrrve peanut butter, it’s like soooo nomzalicious. So obviously I’m a fan of Reese’s buttercups, it’s like the most delicious driest nuttiest treat in da whole wild world; when I found they where selling it in the shape of a Xmas tree I had to try it.

Why of course it taste the same as the cups, or does it? strangely enough it wasn’t as good as the cups, the cups are the right size to not become sickly but with the Xmas tree you feel the need to eat it in one go. Not good for little Timmy.

And this bad boy had been on a trip from da USA all the way to the UK then onward to Sweden, that may explain why it looks more like a turd than a Xmas tree.

Anyway it’s all good, it’s still my fav, and when I eat my next tree I’ll take small bites. I promise.


It is time

It’s that time of year again where the months end with an “R” in their names. And of course with any month that ends in “R” only means one thing, chocolate caliente, varm choklad, chocolat chaud; شكولاته ساخنة, ホットチョコレート; or as the Westerners like to call it, “Hot Chocolate”.

Now here is the thing, if everyone put down their guns, swords; knives, grenades; harpoons and had a cup there could quite possibly be less war, because let’s face it, hot chocolate just makes the world a better place. It provides Ghandi like wisdom, clears the chakras, gives the third eye more clarity, it spreads love not hate, it’s like MDMA but without the gurning. It’s like one of gods true gifts to mankind.

I will leave you with this enhanced state of wisdom and remember, Make Hot Chocolate not war.

Good night.


My ears are burning, literally!

Ok so I’ve been naughty lately, I fingered my ear holes! And yes my finger is smaller than my elbow 🙁

Here is the story, I suffer incredibly from over production of earwax, it’s genetic, my entire family on my father side has to have there ears cleaned out at the nurses office annually. Your ears clean themselves so there really isn’t a reason to clean them unless you have overproduction which might lead to a blockage and obviously temporary hearing loss.

So that means no fingers, ear buds, tooth picks, ear candles, a pen and whatever else you have the urge to stick in there. I’ve successfully followed these rules until recently I’ve had the itchiest ears imaginable, is it too much wax causing it? I don’t know! But hell my ears are hurting, burning and itching like crazy now all because I broke the rules and stuck my dirty fingers in my ears. I’m sad and I’m popping ibuprofen, please work!!! Maybe an infection? I should most definitely know by tomorrow.

Anyway here is a sad hipster shot of my meal, you know you got nothing better to post when you post your meal :p



Have you heard? The new trend for 2014? It’s Ice-lollies that resemble cocks! Absolutely fab, forget the twisters, feast your eyes on the cocksicle, deliciously tempting, heterosexually friendly and you can even give it to yo kids, no shit!

The tip is actually filled with space rock, that stuff that crackles in yo head! Is actually in thee tip of this strange thang! But I must say it taste pretty good and I wouldn’t pass up another suck on this piece of art! I am not sure what it is called because I got so wrapped up in its shape I didn’t even check! I will update with the name tomorrow after a brain charge!

*Wall’s X-Pop Lolly with a sherbet filled bellend


You scream I scream…

Today is a Thursday which is the final day of daycare until Tuesday and today instead of picking the little mite up we had his gran do it instead and take him far far away into the city. He was gone so long we have barely seen him today, it’s good and bad I suppose!

Sloth & gluttony have been my deadly sins today, after finishing the Sopranos box set I have a empty space that needs filling and I tried to get back into justified but that sucked so decided to watch the new AMC show Turned, which was actually quite refreshing but after 2 episodes I decided to play xbox for like 10mins and then I watched Reservoir Dogs for the first time.

Now I’m really fricking tired and just writing this is putting me into a state of mental vegetation, Oliver went to sleep pretty fast within 5 minutes, which is pretty good for the hyper kid he is! Watched more tv blah blah blah, and had ice cream…

Good night!