Happy Easter

Om Nom Nom Nom… Nom!

Oh yes it’s that time of year again were you spread the love… Chocolate love. Deliciously scrumptious brown curvaceous bodied chocolate eggs, you could just buy a bar of chocolate for a fraction of the price and get the same taste but that would not be the same because it’s Easter and you must have an egg, makes sense!

Anyway little piggy Oliver loved his first chocolate rabbit egg from Thorntons, but before you get on your high horse he didn’t eat it all it was just for his lunch he had the rest for dinner!!!

Thanks uncle Jesus
Love Oliver! x


Smoothies for everyone!

Daddy smoothie, mummy smoothie and baby smoothie!

A mouth watering berry mix smoothie!

How you can’t get enough of those smoothies, simple but delicious, creamy, sweet & sour smoothie, a lustful red, oh smoothie!

It’s something I would happily drink by the gallon, well until I’m vomiting from my nose that is! That groovy smoothie, great for the kids too, and much more natural then that processed poison they push out on the supermarket shelfs for your beloved little munchkins.


Southern ice tea

One of my new resolutions was to blog more, 16 days later and here is my first post. I’ve been living in Sweden now for 680 days today, what a journey it’s been! But I won’t lie, it hasn’t been an easy feat and the cold dark days don’t help.

But the good news is I’ve started of my new year with some homemade southern ice tea to keep me going. For years I’ve scoured shops to find bottled lemon iced tea and I’ve only ever manager to find it in the summer and it’s always quite expensive for such a small bottle. Now we just make it at home, it’s cheap and tastes almost the same as Lipton’s lemon ice tea… Delicious!


How’s Twix?

So today was was Sweden’s national day and here at Pennygången an event was held for this bank holiday. It was an event mainly for the kids with a mechanical bull and bouncy castle, and a small buffet. I actually decided not to participate but my fiancé took Oliver and I was sent a photo via whatsapp of Oliver holding a goodie bag containing a Twix, and your probably thinking no big deal but I haven’t eaten a Twix since moving here.

I’ve actually avoided buying English chocolate bars due to the fact that the prices here are ridiculous so that is likely to ruin any pleasure it may give. But this was a freebie and damn it was mighty fine! Nomz!!!

Fantastic old boy!

I’m not a Sunday type of guy, in fact I hate them! But for a change this Sunday and in fact the whole weekend has been awesome! We got some cheeky uv rays this Fri – Sat and a nice cooler Sunday. It hasn’t been anything majorly special but a good mood has bounced around and many laughs were shared.

We went to Frölunda Torg (Shopping Mall) for a pair of shorts and some T’s because unfortunately I have gained so much weight I have only a handful of apparel embarrassingly enough. We had a nice lunch at Jensen’s Bøfhus which includes a perfectly cooked medium steak, chips with there favourite sauce which is delicious.

Hopefully a good week to follow.