Fantastic old boy!

I’m not a Sunday type of guy, in fact I hate them! But for a change this Sunday and in fact the whole weekend has been awesome! We got some cheeky uv rays this Fri – Sat and a nice cooler Sunday. It hasn’t been anything majorly special but a good mood has bounced around and many laughs were shared.

We went to Frölunda Torg (Shopping Mall) for a pair of shorts and some T’s because unfortunately I have gained so much weight I have only a handful of apparel embarrassingly enough. We had a nice lunch at Jensen’s Bøfhus which includes a perfectly cooked medium steak, chips with there favourite sauce which is delicious.

Hopefully a good week to follow.

Bubble Mania!

After surviving another manic day in Abba land and avoiding horse riddled ikea meatballs I find my self bringing the inner child out to play.

Yea that’s right Bob, inner child I said, with some good old fashioned bubbles, blowing bubbles that is.

We all love them, as long as they don’t burst into your eye balls then jobs a good ‘un. But before you start thinking I’m sitting alone in the corner of my bedroom blowing bubbles whilst listing to heavy metal, your wrong!

It was actually for my offspring to experience some light hearted fun. And guess what? He loved it! Yea maybe he didn’t say it but his face don’t lie.

Reminder to self to be buy a bubble machine so I can join the bambino in the madness of bubble popping.

God bless and good night.

SWE – ENG 4 – 2

Oliver and I watching the England match yesterday against Sweden, getting him into it while he is young as you do, but of course he was only allowed one beer and not a drop more, so there’s no need to call child services just yet.

Of course with England losing I get it rubbed in my face by the fiancé, but it’s cool, I already know England are crap, I don’t live in a dream world so it doesn’t affect me one bit.

God save the Queen yada yada yada, good night England!

She’s finally here!

The iPhone 5 is here, she’s a beaut, slimmer lighter and a hell of a lot faster, the extra length is appealing to the hand and camera is a much improvement to the 4, I wouldn’t know about the 4s.

We were lucky though, we expected to be able to get the iPhone 5 beginning of next year but with extreme luck my fiancé won one on the Swedish three facebook page, she had won an iPad 2 3 months ago also, very slimy as we would say in Yorkshire.

The iPhone 5 is appealing to the eye, we got the white and it looks like god crafted it himself, my only problem is not with the iPhone 5 it’s self but the current OS build, it’s 6.0 there newest and best build yet but it’s not the functioning that upsets me its the lack of jailbreak, I’m a jailbreak freak, the iPhone is rendered useless and boring without it.

Hopefully soon a dev team will release one or else It will be HTC for me … I hope to god it doesn’t come to that!