Read between the lines

Today was one of them days where you have to do something boring but then you try and salvage it by doing something not so boring! Today we had to go to the passport agency to renew Daniela’s passport! Oh so fucking boring, stuck in a place full of people with a ticket queuing system and the only available seats is next to 2 new mums with screaming babies and having to hear them yap yap yap about some bullshit that I don’t even understand! But luckily enough some Arabic gent gave us a jump in the queue which was great so thank you kind sir who ever you are!

We then ventured of in search of a decent place to grab some food cause by this time I was becoming a wee bit cranky and my blood sugar dropping was most likely the cause! We stumbled into Max burger joint and grabbed a chili cheese burger, fries and apple pie milkshake, thrilling! While queuing for the food here comes along a little toddler making his way to the exit, alone! And as someone leaves the restaurant the kid tries to get out on to the street and ends up trapping his hand in the door and was unable to get free, my question was, where the fuck was his parents, who just lets there toddler wonder around with no supervision? Absolutely disgusting, poor poor parenting when you can’t do the most basic thing and watch yo kiddies!

We finished this day off at the botanical garden which was nice, nothing spectacular but it balanced the day out, I took some iPhone 5 snaps and then we was on our way home!

All in all it was a good day, now that it’s over it is time to sleep!

Good night!


Fantastic old boy!

I’m not a Sunday type of guy, in fact I hate them! But for a change this Sunday and in fact the whole weekend has been awesome! We got some cheeky uv rays this Fri – Sat and a nice cooler Sunday. It hasn’t been anything majorly special but a good mood has bounced around and many laughs were shared.

We went to Frölunda Torg (Shopping Mall) for a pair of shorts and some T’s because unfortunately I have gained so much weight I have only a handful of apparel embarrassingly enough. We had a nice lunch at Jensen’s Bøfhus which includes a perfectly cooked medium steak, chips with there favourite sauce which is delicious.

Hopefully a good week to follow.

Put me to sleep

So Swedish summer has finally warmed up enough for us to get over the cold and snow packed winter. Temperatures has high as 28c have come over Göteborg these past 2 days. Must say its a nice change to the dark days we had to endure. I’m sat here currently on sofa watching Eurovision, I’ve just devoured a chilli sprinkled cornetto ice cream and swigged away on a corona and the Eurovision is still a load of shite, after 10 more beers it may be negotiable.

Well tomorrow shall be a full 7 days smoke free, do I feel good about myself or what! Seriously hate smoking and as it goes I’m not such a big fan of alcohol anymore although that could be due to the psych meds.

And speaking of which I’m gradually tapering my doses on the meds too! I’m sick of the weight gain, if I don’t get of them now ill end up looking like a white nutty professor. Well I suppose after having a baby your aloud to put a bit of weight on but when you can’t use a standard swing at a park and the toilet creeks with every movement I guess that is time to say “enough is enough”. And I’ve been shitting pinecones these past few weeks, even after bowls of fibres.

Well I’m tired now, sure hope its bed time soon but got to wait until we find out who wins the Eurovision zzzzz.

Cemetery my dear?

Today we decided to visit the cemetery for a nice little stroll. It was a lovey day so I decided to take a few cheeky little iPhone snaps to prove it. We ended up walking all the way through the cemetery and went on a mission for some ice cream.

By this time I was ready to go home, can only look at so many grave stones! Well I guess it’s time to finish it off with some Corrie and hot chocolate.

Sitting on the dock of the bay.

So today I was dragged out for a walk to Nya Varvet which is translated to new shipyard. I wasn’t keen on going out today due to inappropriate clothing.

So we decided on a short walk so we wouldn’t be out long enough to freeze my butt off. After walking just a short distance, enough to warm me up I decided to go to Nya Varvet after all.

Well the walk there takes us through the residential area of Gothenburg’s most finest houses I’ve ever seen. England should learn a thing or two from Sweden when it comes to there houses.

I must say when the sun is shining in Göteborg it really does show it’s self for the beauty it holds. Nya varvet is a lovely spot, some nice restaurants and great view over the dock.

It’s been a good day, not so fun walking back uphill into the concrete jungle we call home but it was finished with a lovely pad Thai, very yummy indeed.