The Bastards!

So since 2-3 months ago my iPhone 5 started to turn on me, fucking me in the arse to be blunt! Now I’m 100 percent that the iPhone 5 is apples worst iPhone yet! A problem arose with the sleep/wake button that I was expecting to pay £50-£70 for a fix that would only cost £10 to do it myself! Luckily Apple has had so many people call in with the same problem that they have started to offer free repairs for the fault if you bought your phone in the last 2 years, great but it still doesn’t justify such a shitty design for such a basic function!

Anyway UPS picked up the phone yesterday the bastards! Hope it’s not to long without my precious.


Candyshell For iPhone 5

So I finally got my grubby hands on the latest apple tech and the awesome jailbreak Evasi0n!

When you do own one of these expensive little devices we like to call iPhone’s and your too greedy or dumb to pay the insurance, what do you need? A case my friend and a good one. Not some Shitty clip on that will do more harm then good.

So I went for a little surf on eBay and invested in a speck Candyshell. It has always been my number one favourite brand for iPhone and this delicious beauty has it all.

It’s the Pool Blue & Salmon Pink version, Check it out brethren!


Min Frukt Nestle

So I received my first campaign from buzzador, a nice big generous box of fruit smoothies from Nestlé.

The smoothies are 100% fruit and are for age 6 months and up. They come in two flavours apple & pears (Green) and strawberry, banana and apples (Red).

Oliver (my son) was able to feed himself from the Nestlé smoothies with ease, the smoothies come in a squeezable bag so a quick squeeze to release.

They are very nice to add with porridge in a morning or as a treat for after dinner, but what was more useful then anything was the ability to be able to take them outside the home as a quick snack when the little one is getting restless, anywhere at anytime with no need for spoons.

I’m sure these photos of Oliver depict the level of satisfaction given by these Nestlé fruit smoothies, as you can see in the second photo that he is very much in a state of fruit euphoria.

Will I buy these on my next shopping trip? I Most definitely will.