I’m all slushed up!

One thing I didn’t mention was that with the sånd I also bought 2 slushy mugs from vat19, the mugs were actually the reason I ordered from vat19 to begin with. They come in red, blue, teal and purple. We ended up getting the teal and purple and all I can say is there fab.

It’s funny cause I don’t even like slushy but these are incredible, I was a bit skeptical at first but they work great. You basically have to put the core In the freezer for minimum of 6 hours, take them out, pour in a sugary liquid and stir for 10 mins and boom you get slush, It’s fricking awesome, now I can get a slushy brain freeze in the comfort of my own home, yay!


Cemetery my dear?

Today we decided to visit the cemetery for a nice little stroll. It was a lovey day so I decided to take a few cheeky little iPhone snaps to prove it. We ended up walking all the way through the cemetery and went on a mission for some ice cream.

By this time I was ready to go home, can only look at so many grave stones! Well I guess it’s time to finish it off with some Corrie and hot chocolate.

Oh what a beautiful day

So today has been lush, the raybans out, basking in the 15c temperature and devouring a magnum ice cream.

Oh what a day, Oliver had a fun time in the sandbox and eating a hello kitty ice cream. After enduring a cold cold winter we are grateful for this warm spring day.

There is just one downfall, wasps and bees come out to play, once I see one I run, more afraid of the wasps though as I have a long family history of wasp sting allergies.

We finished the night with a nice cold corona and lime, chocolate slice and some game of thrones, get in!