A great Swedish mushroom hunt

I am lucky, lucky to live not within a city but within nature, surrounded by stunning lakes and beautiful winding roads flowing deep through these Scandinavian forests.

Within these forests there is a whole array of life, the most simplistic things in life we take for granted, if we just open our eyes and embrace the beauty then maybe we can find that inner peace behind the hustle and bustle of modern day.

I myself am guilty of such ignorance, even worse as it is in my back garden and the fact I see it often I am blinded to it’s beauty, but on these days I am awakened, I see it and I am able to appreciate what this world has to offer behind all it’s gimmicks!

I am lucky to be able to embrace this emotion and I shall try to enjoy her with all my worth, for the cost of sanity and happiness and as for one day when I shall lay on my death bed I can be at rest that I have connected with such a marvellous creation, Earth!


Happy 1st of June

Boom, it’s June and jeez how time fly’s. I can’t believe half a year has passed already in the land of oz, can you believe it?

Anyway I’ve been having a hell of a week with the miseries of hay-fever caused by grass pollen, sneezing, sniffling, eyes, throat and ears itching and stinging like I been blasted in the face with hardcore mace and pissed on by a 6ft 4 ladyboy, it’s that bad. It seems to be natures way of turning around and saying f**k you, that’s how it feels anyway.

Aside from the inexorable attack of the pollen I finally got a hair cut, yes that’s right, this hobo got a haircut. I had not been to hairdressers in over a year and had only been trimming the side burns and whatnot, I have been hiding this barnet under a Yankees cap for way too long baby! It was time to let this sweet head shine with the stars, ooooh yea!!!

Ok parting away from my words of Shakespeare I shall now present for the record my new haircut, I actually got this cut last Monday (26/05/14), the hay-fever seriously put me down this past week so better late than never.

PS. I made this awesome filter myself on the iPhone app Mextures, Sweet!


Is it safe yet?

Aaaaand it’s over! Thank god for that! Easter sucks ass, it really is a overrated piece of baloney! But then again no different to Xmas but hey we still got Jewish new year!

It’s been a pretty long day today consisting of walking, train & bus, more walking, climbing stairs, un-serviced elevator rides with a real risk of decapitation, and a unearthly feeling of a Muslim take over! A severe headache with an aneurysm in the making and a not so appealing dinner!

Tomorrow though shall be my day of redemption, with The Sopranos finale and time to kick my feet up! Now it’s time to close my eyes and count some flaming sheep while enduring an annoying cough and sinus sniffling noise from my counterpart with no restraint, god help me!


It’s that time again when the day is over and you crawl into bed with no idea of how the night will be and that feeling of shit when you wake up in the morning, I can’t say I’m a morning person cause I’m not but I sure as hell have been forced to adapt to early mornings, I now just let the morning take me out to where ever it is heading, like the oceans current it’s not easy to control and who knows how it will be. Sometimes it’s easy and other times I just want to crawl under the table and rock my self!

Obviously if there wasn’t a toddler ruling the mornings It would be a lot easier to function and do things in your own rhythm. So it’s time, it’s time to close your eyes, it’s your time to relax and breath, slowly and deeply, slip away from your stressful life and dream about your paradise and gain the strength for a day of tantrums and dirty diapers, get ready and be ready!

In all truths I would miss if it was any other way.