Sunny penny lane!

So these summer days keep coming and going, not much different then England. On the 1st of July we shall all be moving to Lerum, a small town on the outskirts of Gothenburg. It’s surrounding by a 3 mile nature reserve with a Forrest in our backyard and lake Aspen only a short distance away. Can’t wait to get away from this concrete jungle we call Pennygången, absolute dump full of weirdos and chavs!

It’s a new start , time to get healthy and hug some trees. But best of all, it’s a nice place for Oliver to grow up, and that’s all that matters. Counting the days I can assure you!

An apple a day!

I’ve been very naughty, I make these promises to myself that I will blog more, but unfortunately it doesn’t happen. My excuse this time is sickness, a virus has been bouncing around indoors and smacked me right in the cheeks.
Even though I was sick and should have been blogging about been sick, I failed.

But with poorly baby who is also teething its stressful enough just taking a dump so blogging is the last thing in mind. Over to more positive news, I happened to stumble upon a 2010 unibody white MacBook, it’s beautiful! Always wanted a MacBook but wasn’t willing to fork out the ridiculous price tags and the white ones I prefer rather then the aluminium MacBook Pro. So that was my excitement for the day, then tomorrow is a dreadful day packed with appointments, public transport and a up hill hike, awesome!

Sirius oh Sirius where art thou

After watching the discovery channel about space, stars and planets, and one star called Sirius stuck in my mind, probably because it’s the brightest star in our solar system.


I’ve always been fascinated with space but never have I really looked up and actually known what I’m looking at besides the obvious ones. I downloaded an iPhone app called Night Sky which works by helping you identify stars, satellites and planets.

So last night I went outdoors equipped with night sky app and aimed It into the sky, I knew it was a part of Orion so it wasn’t hard to spot. It was exciting to find Sirius, a star I’ve never noticed before but the one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever seen.

What makes it even more special is the colours it lets off, blue, red and white, it’s an incredible thing to see.

I’m now an official space nerd.

So this is Christmas?

There is 28 days left until Christmas, the decorations are appearing, the tree is on its way and a cupboard full of glögg (mulled wine) is going down a treat.

Christmas day is celebrated on the 24th here in Sweden instead of the 25th like the USA and Great Britain. They eat ham instead of turkey and a whole smörgåsbord of food.

Over the years Christmas had lost its feeling for me, a breakup in the family disrupted our usual traditions which could be the reason, or it could be a case of growing up and losing the magic you feel as a kid.

Now I have my own child I’m sure that should bring back that Christmas spirit, the glögg seems to be helping too, it warms the limbs!
People are starting to whisper about gifts and plans are been set.

Lisberg is one of Gothenburg’s main attractions, in the summer its a fun park but in November it is transformed into a winter wonderland with around 5 million Christmas lights on show, food stalls and open fires, it’s a great place to get you in the xmas mood.

Christmas sure is different when your in other countries than your own, the food, traditions and just the feeling is stranger than usual. This is going to be my first swedish christmas, hopefully it’s going to be a good one, I don’t think Abba will make it to Xmas dinner this year though.