Oh my days

I just discovered through my daily delivery of junk mail an email from firebox announcing a new gadget/toy which has seriously given me a roboner.

It’s a toy robot that drives around like a Segway and can be controlled by your iPhone, now I usually don’t take notice of these toy robots just for the fact that there usually a pile of crap but this sweet little robo-baby really got me excited.

Now I will probably not end up getting my hands on him ever but it is most definitely on my wish list and I would definitely NOT be disappointed if this was under my Xmas tree this year. It cost £99 from firebox and it is probably the cutest thing ever created, apart from Oliver of course!

His name is MIP and he wants to live with me, I will protect him from the greasy smelly ketchup stained hands of a 2 year old and give a lovely home with lots of love and respect, he can be my brobot.

You are welcome to Sweden MIP, I love you!