Could it be?

Today has been a rather relaxed day if you wish to call it that. We watched Polar Express, (my first time watching it) great movie if I might add. We then ventured out into the wilderness on a hunt for sticks which was mainly Oliver’s idea, he likes them to be put in water as if they are flowers, funny.

As we got back it was almost time for dinner; we ate chicken in a bag with rice and Tzatziki. We finished of this night with some pineapple pie and vanilla yogurt followed by the movie Turner and hooch, and yes another Tom Hank movie, it’s Tom Hank’s day, get over it!!

But here is the interesting part, while I’m drying myself off from my bedtime shower I hear Oliver’s voice and then a whole load of other voices and then all those voices combined I just knew something was up. As I exit the bathroom and enter the hallway I see this tired little boy with his pyjama bottoms drenched with shit and hell was there a smell following.

So we shower him, get clean sheets on the bed and great Mary of Scott the bedroom stinks like a Porta potty, then on top of that in a desperate attempt to mask the smell of hell, we spray a shit ton of chemical in the bedroom, so now I’m slowly dying with a single question on my mind, could it be the infamous Noro-virus? I’m starting to feel sick with stomach ache, is this all in my head? We will soon find out, now I just got to clean the shit of the walls. Good bye for now.


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