Happy 1st of June

Boom, it’s June and jeez how time fly’s. I can’t believe half a year has passed already in the land of oz, can you believe it?

Anyway I’ve been having a hell of a week with the miseries of hay-fever caused by grass pollen, sneezing, sniffling, eyes, throat and ears itching and stinging like I been blasted in the face with hardcore mace and pissed on by a 6ft 4 ladyboy, it’s that bad. It seems to be natures way of turning around and saying f**k you, that’s how it feels anyway.

Aside from the inexorable attack of the pollen I finally got a hair cut, yes that’s right, this hobo got a haircut. I had not been to hairdressers in over a year and had only been trimming the side burns and whatnot, I have been hiding this barnet under a Yankees cap for way too long baby! It was time to let this sweet head shine with the stars, ooooh yea!!!

Ok parting away from my words of Shakespeare I shall now present for the record my new haircut, I actually got this cut last Monday (26/05/14), the hay-fever seriously put me down this past week so better late than never.

PS. I made this awesome filter myself on the iPhone app Mextures, Sweet!


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