I read something funny the other day, Hull was rated one of the worlds top cities to visit in 2016. How did this come to be? As myself a Hullion of sorts I’m baffled by it, sure this is my birth place and sure it has its good points but in general I can’t understand why anybody would want to visit this place. Now don’t get me wrong I love Hull’s old town, the architecture is amazing, the cobble stone streets, great museums and of course the breathtaking Trinity church but unfortunately the majority of Hull is a dump. 

Cluttered with ugly buildings, council estates, poor paving, and Jesus the 60s mosaic placed above BHS is just absolutely terrible I mean give me a time machine so I can go back and warn these people, it should never have been put up. It’s a shame because Hull has great potential but it’s just the lost city of England, when you look at London, you see cranes everywhere, a city that is constantly growing with a rich economy with many investors but Hull is stuck in the past, it’s the sad truth, it’s run by the wrong people with old visions.

It’s time to bring Hull out of the 60s because it has the potential to be great, hopefully the City of culture can deliver us.

Good night and happy new year.


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