Just keep coughing please!

So it’s that time of the year again when the population are annoyingly sick spreading there nasal interiors with the world, oh what a special time that is! I managed to survive a good 3 years without contracting the common cold leading me to be extremely overly confident that I was going to go another virus free year and avoid the general population of zombies roaming around the town centres rudely coughing into people’s personal zones.

My recent common cold which I can happily announce is over was a subtle one thank the lord but still a thorn in my rear end, actually the biggest issue with it was not such the cold but how I came about catching it, this one was personal about as personal as your neighbour taking a shit on your porch, you want to know the culprit? It was the girlfriends mother, now I wouldn’t be so bitter if this person was able to cover there mouth and use acceptable hygiene techniques but instead she decided to shower us with her germs with no respect for the people around, I thought this was only a problem with children and those with no arms! I guess I have to forgive seen as it is against the law to lock in-laws in cupboards or sentence to hanging :-/

But obviously like any other virus it caught up with my fiancé and 6 month old son, but don’t worry’ there recovering nicely apart from my girlfriends annoying cough which if carries on any longer I will be locking myself in a cupboard. I’m not the greatest person when it comes to sick people they can be quite irritating with there constant sniffling and slobbering but tomorrows another day so there’s still hope in keeping my sanity.


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