Ketchup? You want KETCHUP!?

Sweden has been an experience, the culture, the people and most especially the food.

Growing up I had the luck of having my father cooking for me, a chef by trade for over 20 years he made some of the tastiest dishes to this day. Now one of our favourite dishes as a family was spaghetti bolognese.

When my fiancé an I where living in the UK my mother made us a mean spaghetti bolognese just the way my father taught her. But something bizarre happened – my fiancé asked for tomato ketchup.

Now this was something I’ve never heard of before, ketchup with spaghetti? Couldn’t believe what I was hearing. When Daniela left back to Sweden I had forgotten all about it until a few months later when I followed.

So one day I’m sat at the dinner table with Daniela and her mother, a nice generous portion of spagbol slapped on my plate then as I look over the table it all comes back to me, the Swedish mother drowning her spaghetti with tomato ketchup!

It all came back to me, she stirred it right in there, As I dug in to this Swedish spaghetti bolognese I knew the taste was not what I was acquainted to but I was starving so necked it down.

Only the other week I suddenly realised when another bowl of this spaghetti was served to me I could smell and taste ketchup, well fcuk me! There cooking that shit up and shoving it down my throat, I had not an idea.

After doing some research I find this is not only Scandinavian but all over the world there is people (especially the irish) cooking this shit in there spaghetti.

I miss the ketchup free bolognese and can’t understand why people do this, it tastes rank and ask any Italian, this is not how you make spaghetti bolognese.

And there’s more! The other night my fiancé threw together this hill billy dinner consisting of chopped gammon soaked in a tomato chilli ketchup mixed with cream, what can I say? It was that rank even My fiancé didn’t eat it.

My conclusion is the same as its always been, add it in your burgers, hotdogs and as a side dip but don’t go destroying good classic dishes like spaghetti bolognese, yuk!


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