Meet the Svensson’s

I am lost, lost in the vast warped land of nowhere, the abyss, the not knowing who where what and why! This may be an overstatement of my every minute reflection on life but this is how I feel with the in-laws. It is the lost in translation parody, there is a major language barrier, not that they can’t speak any English but more of the fact that it’s easier not to bother and most likely the zero things we have in common, but then again how do you know this if you don’t talk with one another!

Obviously for any relationship to progress you need to communicate and to communicate you need to be able to speak a mutual language and this just doesn’t happen, so it’s more of a swooping in and out of rooms to avoid the fustratuon of not understanding things and sure I understand something’s and can laugh along which gives me some feeling of normality but it soon spirals into a dark social pit of doom.

I shall be stood there feeling like a fool for living amongst it and doing nothin, it’s of my own doings, it’s my responsibility to learn but that’s how life goes, things get in the way and sense of time diminishes along with all the insidious nightmares of the past…

Anyway here is literally my POV when the in-laws make an appearance, it’s a pretty close example of the way I feel at the time too, pushed out and excluded, not in any malicious way but this is what happens when you don’t understand a language!


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