My ears are burning, literally!

Ok so I’ve been naughty lately, I fingered my ear holes! And yes my finger is smaller than my elbow 🙁

Here is the story, I suffer incredibly from over production of earwax, it’s genetic, my entire family on my father side has to have there ears cleaned out at the nurses office annually. Your ears clean themselves so there really isn’t a reason to clean them unless you have overproduction which might lead to a blockage and obviously temporary hearing loss.

So that means no fingers, ear buds, tooth picks, ear candles, a pen and whatever else you have the urge to stick in there. I’ve successfully followed these rules until recently I’ve had the itchiest ears imaginable, is it too much wax causing it? I don’t know! But hell my ears are hurting, burning and itching like crazy now all because I broke the rules and stuck my dirty fingers in my ears. I’m sad and I’m popping ibuprofen, please work!!! Maybe an infection? I should most definitely know by tomorrow.

Anyway here is a sad hipster shot of my meal, you know you got nothing better to post when you post your meal :p


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