I read something funny the other day, Hull was rated one of the worlds top cities to visit in 2016. How did this come to be? As myself a Hullion of sorts I’m baffled by it, sure this is my birth place and sure it has its good points but in general I can’t understand why anybody would want to visit this place. Now don’t get me wrong I love Hull’s old town, the architecture is amazing, the cobble stone streets, great museums and of course the breathtaking Trinity church but unfortunately the majority of Hull is a dump. 

Cluttered with ugly buildings, council estates, poor paving, and Jesus the 60s mosaic placed above BHS is just absolutely terrible I mean give me a time machine so I can go back and warn these people, it should never have been put up. It’s a shame because Hull has great potential but it’s just the lost city of England, when you look at London, you see cranes everywhere, a city that is constantly growing with a rich economy with many investors but Hull is stuck in the past, it’s the sad truth, it’s run by the wrong people with old visions.

It’s time to bring Hull out of the 60s because it has the potential to be great, hopefully the City of culture can deliver us.

Good night and happy new year.


Little help from a friend 

Kids, Christmas, Christmas, kids, it goes hand in hand but not always as you would like, kids misbehave, and as we know Santa can’t be around to watch all the kids so he sends his little elves in swarms to be his little spies. 

Here’s our elf, he’s called Zippy, and he’s been a great help upto now but I think when no one is around he gets upto no-good in the night, I may have to monitor this one. 

The small things…

You can put your super cool wayfarers away now and your sun screen back in your cupboard because I’m afraid to say, summer is gone! 

Now it’s time to stuff your faces with deliciously morish comfort foods, and homemade is the way to go, here is a good example of what you should be eating to clear those winter blues. 


It’s just science – Day 6

Ok so after almost 3 years of joblessness in Sweden, we took the decision to move to England, the plan is simple, I shall leave for England and after I have managed to find a job and earn enough money to survive they will eventually follow. This must be one of the most painful things I have ever undertaken!

It feels the only way to cope is to try to push it to the back of the mind but as it is life, it’s not so simple. We take all these things and beings for granted because they are there everyday and we don’t appreciate them like we should, because we are blinded by our own stupidity and it takes something extreme to make us realise what we have and lost.

So here I am, 6 days into my life experiment in England, it is not certain if this will succeed, there is a very large chance I may end up returning, whether it be a different city, country or planet that is where my home will be, with them. Now this is my second attempt
at this, the first time I returned after 7 days, it was too painful, this time I knew what pain I would feel, I was ready for it, I can’t say prepared because you can’t ever be prepared for that sort of transition.

Even though I was born and raised in this country, It is no longer my home, of course things can change but as it is, England is a strange country to me, although I understand it like no other, my heart is in Sweden, even though life wasn’t great there, it was home long enough to condition the brain.

I will carry on with this painful journey, and see where it brings me, so far I haven’t found the yellow brick road but I will keep seeking.