You scream I scream…

Today is a Thursday which is the final day of daycare until Tuesday and today instead of picking the little mite up we had his gran do it instead and take him far far away into the city. He was gone so long we have barely seen him today, it’s good and bad I suppose!

Sloth & gluttony have been my deadly sins today, after finishing the Sopranos box set I have a empty space that needs filling and I tried to get back into justified but that sucked so decided to watch the new AMC show Turned, which was actually quite refreshing but after 2 episodes I decided to play xbox for like 10mins and then I watched Reservoir Dogs for the first time.

Now I’m really fricking tired and just writing this is putting me into a state of mental vegetation, Oliver went to sleep pretty fast within 5 minutes, which is pretty good for the hyper kid he is! Watched more tv blah blah blah, and had ice cream…

Good night!


Is it safe yet?

Aaaaand it’s over! Thank god for that! Easter sucks ass, it really is a overrated piece of baloney! But then again no different to Xmas but hey we still got Jewish new year!

It’s been a pretty long day today consisting of walking, train & bus, more walking, climbing stairs, un-serviced elevator rides with a real risk of decapitation, and a unearthly feeling of a Muslim take over! A severe headache with an aneurysm in the making and a not so appealing dinner!

Tomorrow though shall be my day of redemption, with The Sopranos finale and time to kick my feet up! Now it’s time to close my eyes and count some flaming sheep while enduring an annoying cough and sinus sniffling noise from my counterpart with no restraint, god help me!


It’s that time again when the day is over and you crawl into bed with no idea of how the night will be and that feeling of shit when you wake up in the morning, I can’t say I’m a morning person cause I’m not but I sure as hell have been forced to adapt to early mornings, I now just let the morning take me out to where ever it is heading, like the oceans current it’s not easy to control and who knows how it will be. Sometimes it’s easy and other times I just want to crawl under the table and rock my self!

Obviously if there wasn’t a toddler ruling the mornings It would be a lot easier to function and do things in your own rhythm. So it’s time, it’s time to close your eyes, it’s your time to relax and breath, slowly and deeply, slip away from your stressful life and dream about your paradise and gain the strength for a day of tantrums and dirty diapers, get ready and be ready!

In all truths I would miss if it was any other way.


The night is upon us

This has what my life has come too, as I sit here watching my beloved tv shows I can’t help but gaze over to the oversized clock on the wall to the left of me.

The child in bed before 9PM and our opportunity to get some free time to relax and not have to get up every 2 minutes to remove Oliver from impending doom.

I’m sitting here digging into my natures kindest treats and staring at the intensely messed up tv series, Hannibal.

But wait, it is now 11pm what the hell happened? The time just slipped through my mind and now all hell inside is screaming “Get to bed”. I have aged 40 years in the space of 13months! How did this happen?

Well that is what happens when you have a little terrorist crawling rings around you and the constant worry our beloved will be squashed by the enticing tv he can’t keep away from.

Well I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles my friends, another end to a day is upon me. So I guess it’s good night, sleep easy and embrace the morning sun with positivity and less negativity.