Read between the lines

Today was one of them days where you have to do something boring but then you try and salvage it by doing something not so boring! Today we had to go to the passport agency to renew Daniela’s passport! Oh so fucking boring, stuck in a place full of people with a ticket queuing system and the only available seats is next to 2 new mums with screaming babies and having to hear them yap yap yap about some bullshit that I don’t even understand! But luckily enough some Arabic gent gave us a jump in the queue which was great so thank you kind sir who ever you are!

We then ventured of in search of a decent place to grab some food cause by this time I was becoming a wee bit cranky and my blood sugar dropping was most likely the cause! We stumbled into Max burger joint and grabbed a chili cheese burger, fries and apple pie milkshake, thrilling! While queuing for the food here comes along a little toddler making his way to the exit, alone! And as someone leaves the restaurant the kid tries to get out on to the street and ends up trapping his hand in the door and was unable to get free, my question was, where the fuck was his parents, who just lets there toddler wonder around with no supervision? Absolutely disgusting, poor poor parenting when you can’t do the most basic thing and watch yo kiddies!

We finished this day off at the botanical garden which was nice, nothing spectacular but it balanced the day out, I took some iPhone 5 snaps and then we was on our way home!

All in all it was a good day, now that it’s over it is time to sleep!

Good night!