The darkest mornings

So it’s that time of year again that you wake up in the morning but you’re not quite sure if it’s the morning, the lack of sun makes you sluggish and it’s just a pain when you can’t just sleep in and take advantage of this holy gift after the bright summer mornings!

But it’s still very cozy to sit at the breakfast table with some nice warm lighting and watch the sunrise through the window while stuffing your faces with thee most important meal of the day, the small things in life.


Breakfast reversed!

After 6 months of living in Sweden the food is probably the only thing that still surprises me, now I must say I’m a big fan of Swedish meatballs, cream sauce and mash potato, that is just a treat! But other things I can’t help but think WTF! And its not like the stuff that looks weird tastes any better cause it doesn’t.

Well this was not the case last night, I was served up a lovely dish of hash browns, crunchy delicious bacon and sweet blood pudding, now in England this is a typical breakfast and add beans, sausages and a fried egg and you got your self a full English! It does feel strange to eat the usual breakfast ingredients in the evening and since it’s the norm here it just made it all that more strange but I’ll take that over Pyttipanna any day thanks.