How’s Twix?

So today was was Sweden’s national day and here at Pennygången an event was held for this bank holiday. It was an event mainly for the kids with a mechanical bull and bouncy castle, and a small buffet. I actually decided not to participate but my fiancé took Oliver and I was sent a photo via whatsapp of Oliver holding a goodie bag containing a Twix, and your probably thinking no big deal but I haven’t eaten a Twix since moving here.

I’ve actually avoided buying English chocolate bars due to the fact that the prices here are ridiculous so that is likely to ruin any pleasure it may give. But this was a freebie and damn it was mighty fine! Nomz!!!

A Marabou moment!

I am a self confessed chocolate addict and sometimes my cravings get the better of me!

If there is chocolate laid about you can be sure it won’t be there for long, in the past I have taken it upon myself to knock it on the head and go cold turkey and I did go 6 months with zero chocolate, a proud time for me, I have great will power when quitting but not for when it’s right under my nose.

Last night I had an embarrassing moment, I had a Marabou moment, it started a few days ago, I went into the kitchens food cupboard and there it was, a roll of marabou chocolate, I did resist temptation for a while until the day my fiancé and her mother went to get there nails fixed.

It was a dark day where chocolate was concerned, there was none apart from this delicious roll of marabou chocolate just laid there enticing me with its seductive whisper, I was caring for my son this day and it was a long day, I was tired and craving some comfort from my brown delicious friend.

I carefully unwrapped the paper from around the marabou, something inside me knew it was wrong but it was too late, by this time my pupils growing larger and my tongue getting wetter, I indulged.

Anyway it was short lived and by yesterday I had totally forgotten about it until Daniela’s mother opened the cupboard and forwarding her aggression to her daughter she basically said “where da FCUK is my marabou chocolate roll?” obviously I didn’t understand what was been said until Daniela translated this to me!

At first I didn’t understand what she meant, she asked “have you seen a chocolate roll?” I replied “chocolate roll? No!” eventually I remembered and confessed, my Marabou moment turned out to be an embarrassing, shameful moment, and I won’t lie I felt pretty shit for the remainder of that night.

Don’t think I can ever have a marabou moment ever again!