Are you the DAHON of my dreams?

So I’ve been thinking about getting Healthier lately but not interested in paying shit load of money I ain’t got on gym memberships so have decided I’m going to take the bicycle route to a healthier life but the only problem is I don’t have the space to store a full sized bike in my life, yes sure I could kick the girlfriends mother out into a community care home but I’m too kind to put the elderly in homes, I find it rewarding to care for them hands on even though there grumpy old rags.

I decided to look into the foldable bike range’ the Dahon speed P8 to be precise, there easy to store in the home without the worry of theft and are easily carried onto public transport while taking up less room then a full sized bike. Gothenburg is very encouraging to people to get on there bikes with there endless bike paths and appealing routes it’s certainly encouraged me to think about it.

But there not so cheap so can only hope Santa drops me one this year!