D-H-L DAY!!!!

There nothing better than the man with a van banging at your door at 9am with a gigantic box filled with goodies!!

It’s mostly junk food but hey it’s Xmas so it’s aloud right? But anyway moving away from the diabetics dream I bagged myself a rather tidy jumper from a luxurious upperclass store famously name Primarni or should I say Primark.

The shop that makes you want to cry into your mummy’s bussom it’s so flipping cheap, why is it so cheap? Of course I didn’t find this here in Sverige, hell no, with these prices here you would get trampled on in a very non violent way, almost like been trampled on by soft duck feathered pillows with tiny feet.

My mother was kind enough to do the shopping for us and she picked up this lovely jumper, this is the 3rd jumper I own, I’m poor so don’t judge.