Sitting on the dock of the bay.

So today I was dragged out for a walk to Nya Varvet which is translated to new shipyard. I wasn’t keen on going out today due to inappropriate clothing.

So we decided on a short walk so we wouldn’t be out long enough to freeze my butt off. After walking just a short distance, enough to warm me up I decided to go to Nya Varvet after all.

Well the walk there takes us through the residential area of Gothenburg’s most finest houses I’ve ever seen. England should learn a thing or two from Sweden when it comes to there houses.

I must say when the sun is shining in Göteborg it really does show it’s self for the beauty it holds. Nya varvet is a lovely spot, some nice restaurants and great view over the dock.

It’s been a good day, not so fun walking back uphill into the concrete jungle we call home but it was finished with a lovely pad Thai, very yummy indeed.