It’s just science – Day 6

Ok so after almost 3 years of joblessness in Sweden, we took the decision to move to England, the plan is simple, I shall leave for England and after I have managed to find a job and earn enough money to survive they will eventually follow. This must be one of the most painful things I have ever undertaken!

It feels the only way to cope is to try to push it to the back of the mind but as it is life, it’s not so simple. We take all these things and beings for granted because they are there everyday and we don’t appreciate them like we should, because we are blinded by our own stupidity and it takes something extreme to make us realise what we have and lost.

So here I am, 6 days into my life experiment in England, it is not certain if this will succeed, there is a very large chance I may end up returning, whether it be a different city, country or planet that is where my home will be, with them. Now this is my second attempt
at this, the first time I returned after 7 days, it was too painful, this time I knew what pain I would feel, I was ready for it, I can’t say prepared because you can’t ever be prepared for that sort of transition.

Even though I was born and raised in this country, It is no longer my home, of course things can change but as it is, England is a strange country to me, although I understand it like no other, my heart is in Sweden, even though life wasn’t great there, it was home long enough to condition the brain.

I will carry on with this painful journey, and see where it brings me, so far I haven’t found the yellow brick road but I will keep seeking.


It’s Easter time!

Its Easter time and we received a lovely box full of treats today from my mamma in Good old England, it’s not the first box we have ever gotten but it’s always equally as fun as she packs it full of delicious treats and as it is Easter it has been filled with some delicious Easter eggs, something I have missed out on the past 3 years so they are most certainly welcomed into my little den for sugary crap!

Toys, clothes, confectionary, toiletries, kitchen stuff and all manners of shit crammed into a box, it’s heaven!!!!




SWE – ENG 4 – 2

Oliver and I watching the England match yesterday against Sweden, getting him into it while he is young as you do, but of course he was only allowed one beer and not a drop more, so there’s no need to call child services just yet.

Of course with England losing I get it rubbed in my face by the fiancé, but it’s cool, I already know England are crap, I don’t live in a dream world so it doesn’t affect me one bit.

God save the Queen yada yada yada, good night England!