Ketchup? You want KETCHUP!?

Sweden has been an experience, the culture, the people and most especially the food.

Growing up I had the luck of having my father cooking for me, a chef by trade for over 20 years he made some of the tastiest dishes to this day. Now one of our favourite dishes as a family was spaghetti bolognese.

When my fiancé an I where living in the UK my mother made us a mean spaghetti bolognese just the way my father taught her. But something bizarre happened – my fiancé asked for tomato ketchup.

Now this was something I’ve never heard of before, ketchup with spaghetti? Couldn’t believe what I was hearing. When Daniela left back to Sweden I had forgotten all about it until a few months later when I followed.

So one day I’m sat at the dinner table with Daniela and her mother, a nice generous portion of spagbol slapped on my plate then as I look over the table it all comes back to me, the Swedish mother drowning her spaghetti with tomato ketchup!

It all came back to me, she stirred it right in there, As I dug in to this Swedish spaghetti bolognese I knew the taste was not what I was acquainted to but I was starving so necked it down.

Only the other week I suddenly realised when another bowl of this spaghetti was served to me I could smell and taste ketchup, well fcuk me! There cooking that shit up and shoving it down my throat, I had not an idea.

After doing some research I find this is not only Scandinavian but all over the world there is people (especially the irish) cooking this shit in there spaghetti.

I miss the ketchup free bolognese and can’t understand why people do this, it tastes rank and ask any Italian, this is not how you make spaghetti bolognese.

And there’s more! The other night my fiancé threw together this hill billy dinner consisting of chopped gammon soaked in a tomato chilli ketchup mixed with cream, what can I say? It was that rank even My fiancé didn’t eat it.

My conclusion is the same as its always been, add it in your burgers, hotdogs and as a side dip but don’t go destroying good classic dishes like spaghetti bolognese, yuk!


Chilli runt!

All my life I have been a chilli lover and have loved to eat spicy food from all different cultures, 2 days ago I was given a Habanero chilli to add raw to my chicken and BBQ sauce but I decided to give it a miss due to the thumping headache I had while waiting for dinner.

Yesterday we ordered a pizza, I ordered a Mexican pizza with the Habanero chilli in mind, my fiancé kindly chopped the chilli for me, so as I add the Hebanero and take a bite from the pizza, disappointed is an understatement, it was a dud, a weak chilli, it’s brothers and sisters should be ashamed to have including it in the Habanero family, the end!


British food please!

Oh how I miss good old British food, you just can’t beat a Good roast with Yorkshire puddings on a Sunday evening covered with some warm seductive gravy, mmm mm!

Unfortunately I don’t even have the local fish and chip shop to make up for the lack of of Yorkie pudds and pork sausages, basically most things I’m used to in England are not available here.

But the other week I was lucky enough to have a taste of home, some good old Heinz beans the special edition version with spicy meatballs – my favourite! Served with toast and an episode of Coronation street my homesickness was lifted for the day and the beans and toast was a nice change to the usual potato, fish chunks and egg sauce.

Original Heinz beans are actually sold here in Swedish stores but for the more British confectionary there is a English shop here in Gothenburg located at Plantagegatan, so I am extremely lucky if the sickness gets too bad it’s a good place to buy some comfort food to get me through the dark days.


Breakfast reversed!

After 6 months of living in Sweden the food is probably the only thing that still surprises me, now I must say I’m a big fan of Swedish meatballs, cream sauce and mash potato, that is just a treat! But other things I can’t help but think WTF! And its not like the stuff that looks weird tastes any better cause it doesn’t.

Well this was not the case last night, I was served up a lovely dish of hash browns, crunchy delicious bacon and sweet blood pudding, now in England this is a typical breakfast and add beans, sausages and a fried egg and you got your self a full English! It does feel strange to eat the usual breakfast ingredients in the evening and since it’s the norm here it just made it all that more strange but I’ll take that over Pyttipanna any day thanks.