A great Swedish mushroom hunt

I am lucky, lucky to live not within a city but within nature, surrounded by stunning lakes and beautiful winding roads flowing deep through these Scandinavian forests.

Within these forests there is a whole array of life, the most simplistic things in life we take for granted, if we just open our eyes and embrace the beauty then maybe we can find that inner peace behind the hustle and bustle of modern day.

I myself am guilty of such ignorance, even worse as it is in my back garden and the fact I see it often I am blinded to it’s beauty, but on these days I am awakened, I see it and I am able to appreciate what this world has to offer behind all it’s gimmicks!

I am lucky to be able to embrace this emotion and I shall try to enjoy her with all my worth, for the cost of sanity and happiness and as for one day when I shall lay on my death bed I can be at rest that I have connected with such a marvellous creation, Earth!


Somewhere only we know

Well I’m back, and this time I have some virus fucking up my throat and airways and causing nasty body pains, I feel like I’m some withdrawling monkey! Ok so I have been incapacitated these past few days in the land of hot dog fairies and masquerades, but fortunately I’m still here so hey!

Anyway we went for a walk the other day across a field outside our home, doing a bit of horse hunting as you do! And discovered at the end of the field a lovely little path into the forest, we couldn’t really delve too far in as we had Oliver with us but one day I’m going to go all Bear Grylls on that shit for sure! I’m just going to slowly die now, night!