Is it safe to come out yet?

Tomorrow will be one week since we moved away from Pennygången 48! The week has gone extremely fast, too fast to really grasp much of the chaos that has submerged me! Luckily enough it has been a nice semi hot weekend.

Yesterday we finally managed to get the BBQ started and grilled some deliciousness, Fingers crossed were not all on the verge of poisoning because that would be tragic now wouldn’t it. We or I blew Oliver’s new kiddy pool which he absolutely loved! Just need a jackpot win and a tropical holiday or the mother in-law back at work. Time to catch up with Corrie and gain an extra roll of flab, good night!

Oh what a beautiful day

So today has been lush, the raybans out, basking in the 15c temperature and devouring a magnum ice cream.

Oh what a day, Oliver had a fun time in the sandbox and eating a hello kitty ice cream. After enduring a cold cold winter we are grateful for this warm spring day.

There is just one downfall, wasps and bees come out to play, once I see one I run, more afraid of the wasps though as I have a long family history of wasp sting allergies.

We finished the night with a nice cold corona and lime, chocolate slice and some game of thrones, get in!

Bubble Mania!

After surviving another manic day in Abba land and avoiding horse riddled ikea meatballs I find my self bringing the inner child out to play.

Yea that’s right Bob, inner child I said, with some good old fashioned bubbles, blowing bubbles that is.

We all love them, as long as they don’t burst into your eye balls then jobs a good ‘un. But before you start thinking I’m sitting alone in the corner of my bedroom blowing bubbles whilst listing to heavy metal, your wrong!

It was actually for my offspring to experience some light hearted fun. And guess what? He loved it! Yea maybe he didn’t say it but his face don’t lie.

Reminder to self to be buy a bubble machine so I can join the bambino in the madness of bubble popping.

God bless and good night.