Stressed out Fridays!!!

It has been a stressful day to say the least, a trip to Lerum central to hand in forms and see the optician, that included a shitty walk and a hopeless train journey into what might as well be the abyss.

And also I’m suddenly developing elevator anxiety, I watched a video recently on the tinternet and was shocked to find a China man been squashed in-between floors after the elevator suddenly elevated. Unfortunately he didn’t survive and it is now haunting me, I did a little run in and out and luckily survived the day, they’re hard to avoid with a pram, you can’t just put buggy on your back and climb a few flights, not today anyway!!!

I ended up finishing this stressful day with the new video game “The Evil Within” not a stressful game at all .

Say goodnight to Twisty the clown!!!!

I’m sick!

The days are getting darker, summer is so over, it’s finito so put your raybans away, your incredibly short shorts, your dumb fucking tank tops and embrace the darkness, winter is coming!

But unfortunately I’m sick, I have a cold and my throat feels likes it’s endured a full blown jihadist attack, I have these disgusting tonsil stones shoved right in my,,, tonsils and jeez I never had anything like it but when you google it there is a whole world of tonsil stone miners out there just going deep throat with cotton buds and just uploading that shit to youtube, I mean wtf is wrong with the world mama?

And this cough, fuck me! If there is ever a time I want to beat my self over the head it’s now, it’s tickling like a mother lover, I don’t actually understand how I haven’t been suffocated in the night. It’s just one of those really irritating coughs that not only bug the hell out of yourself but everyone else around you! And with lack of meds to ease it I’m snookered!!!

Anyway I don’t have any pretty pictures prepared for you, but I’m sick so here is a giffy for your wiffy!!!

Is it safe yet?

Aaaaand it’s over! Thank god for that! Easter sucks ass, it really is a overrated piece of baloney! But then again no different to Xmas but hey we still got Jewish new year!

It’s been a pretty long day today consisting of walking, train & bus, more walking, climbing stairs, un-serviced elevator rides with a real risk of decapitation, and a unearthly feeling of a Muslim take over! A severe headache with an aneurysm in the making and a not so appealing dinner!

Tomorrow though shall be my day of redemption, with The Sopranos finale and time to kick my feet up! Now it’s time to close my eyes and count some flaming sheep while enduring an annoying cough and sinus sniffling noise from my counterpart with no restraint, god help me!


It’s that time again when the day is over and you crawl into bed with no idea of how the night will be and that feeling of shit when you wake up in the morning, I can’t say I’m a morning person cause I’m not but I sure as hell have been forced to adapt to early mornings, I now just let the morning take me out to where ever it is heading, like the oceans current it’s not easy to control and who knows how it will be. Sometimes it’s easy and other times I just want to crawl under the table and rock my self!

Obviously if there wasn’t a toddler ruling the mornings It would be a lot easier to function and do things in your own rhythm. So it’s time, it’s time to close your eyes, it’s your time to relax and breath, slowly and deeply, slip away from your stressful life and dream about your paradise and gain the strength for a day of tantrums and dirty diapers, get ready and be ready!

In all truths I would miss if it was any other way.


The mutha fucking dish-man

Once upon a time the thought of doing the dishes would put me into hiding, I hated it, no really, I fucking hated it with passion. These days I’ve taken up the role of dish boy, sometimes 3 dish sessions a day. It’s become so second nature, I get the jitters if I don’t do them.

Our lodger was once the main dish washer but she kept bitching and complaining that we was never doing them and the truth is she was shit unless you like secondhand dried up food on your next dinners plate it’s best to keep her away from the sink altogether.

It’s not so bad, I actually kind of enjoy it, I just listen to spotify and zone out completely but yes sure some days it’s a pain in the ass but it’s a lot better then doing it in prison!