It’s that time again when the day is over and you crawl into bed with no idea of how the night will be and that feeling of shit when you wake up in the morning, I can’t say I’m a morning person cause I’m not but I sure as hell have been forced to adapt to early mornings, I now just let the morning take me out to where ever it is heading, like the oceans current it’s not easy to control and who knows how it will be. Sometimes it’s easy and other times I just want to crawl under the table and rock my self!

Obviously if there wasn’t a toddler ruling the mornings It would be a lot easier to function and do things in your own rhythm. So it’s time, it’s time to close your eyes, it’s your time to relax and breath, slowly and deeply, slip away from your stressful life and dream about your paradise and gain the strength for a day of tantrums and dirty diapers, get ready and be ready!

In all truths I would miss if it was any other way.