Cemetery my dear?

Today we decided to visit the cemetery for a nice little stroll. It was a lovey day so I decided to take a few cheeky little iPhone snaps to prove it. We ended up walking all the way through the cemetery and went on a mission for some ice cream.

By this time I was ready to go home, can only look at so many grave stones! Well I guess it’s time to finish it off with some Corrie and hot chocolate.

It’s a grave day!

It’s a beautiful day here in Gothenburg. We are all now finally relieved that the snow is no longer stalking us and some sure signs of spring are appearing.

The summer is what I wait for when all the wasps and sunstroke break out, yippee! But seriously the winter days and dark nights really do make me feel under the weather, mentally and physically.

Today we shall be going to the grave yard which is conveniently placed a short few minute walk from our home. It’s actually quite nice there, peaceful and some nice seats to sit down and munch on walkers British monster munch.

Oh happy days