Black and yellow!

Hey I’m alive, I’m here, no richer no poorer! Still breathing and dying at the normal rate so don’t worry about me, times are changing but for the best, there is only one way to go and that’s up. I am sat here currently trying to stop my toddler from shoving play doh in his ears and other orifices, that is literally what it Is to be a dad, kinda like working with the mentally challenged but not getting paid. Anyway it’s time to exit this establishment and enter into the open world, we’re on the verge of hot weather so we shall enjoy this In-between while we can!

Here Is a dead wasp for you to inspect… Enjoy!


Feeling green

Ok so this will be my 3rd night now of been sick with the norovirus bug and even though I have stopped vomiting I’m still feeling like shit, I have no appetite and even just sipping water gives me the worst stomach ache/ nausea.

So I’m about to give up on food all together until it’s fully healed and my appetite is back cause I’m suffering greatly. But on a plus side I got my personalised tumbler yesterday from the states… Look!!


I think I gagged a lung

Yesterday at around 7PM while putting Olly to sleep I started to feel a bit queezy but I just shrugged it of has bloating from dinner, then 30minutes later It got 10x worse, I was having to gently hyperventilate, it’s something I do when I feel nauseas to try and prevent me barfing. After a few visits to toilet on the verge of vomiting I decided to have a bucket in the bedroom and oh my did the gates of hell open.

The entire contents of my stomach emptied in a matter or seconds and after having Mexican tacos for dinner half digested blended down mess the smell was undesirable to say the least. But that was not all sure after vomiting the nausea disappeared which felt fab but 20 or so mins later I was back in there bring up brown bile but that was not all, at this stage I was sat on toilet with the worst diarrhea imaginable, it was pretty much brown water coming, and it was on tap. The contractions from vomiting just forced the poop out simultaneously.

The worst night imaginable, laid up with 2 pillows with only one Awkward position to stave of the nausea. Luckily today the vomiting has stopped and I’m feel a little better but left with body pain, chills and tiredness. Hope it goes soon 🙁


A lonely night

Tonight my fiancé has been stricken with a terrible headache which has suddenly split us up for the night. While she sleeps in the other room I’m spending a lonely night watching iron man 1 and drinking large quantities of water as a substitute for whiskey.

I’m not very good at expressing the way I feel so here I will attempt to express in words. I miss my darling Daniela I wish she was here it sounds pathetic but after spending every night and day with a person you become one and when one is removed it causes a person to feel rather unsettled.

I’m hoping tomorrow her headache is gone so she can join me in my tv shenanigans. I’m also creeped out cause there is a ghost watching me through the crack of the door! Help!!