Cat allergies – Day 3

From a very young age I was stricken with a terrible allergy which nobody could figure out, I was developing terrible symptoms such as wheezing, swollen eyes, sneezing, a terrible scratchy throat and the rest. We changed so many things in my diet, the clothes detergents, nothing helped! We was baffled, turns out I was allergic to my grandparents cat named Lucky (not so lucky for me). 
So all my life I’ve cringed at the sight of a cat rubbing it’s lovely soft fur against my legs in the summer, the thought would turn me run a mile. The truth is I’ve always wanted a cat and the fact I was allergic made me want one all the more. 

This past month we suddenly got an urge to get a cat, out of the blue, over the years I’ve heard about these so-called hypoallergenic cats, now I’ve been sceptical, as far as I knew the allergy causing proteins live in all cat breeds and spread through their saliva and dander so I thought maybe it was a big lie created by irresponsible breeders to make more bucks, maybe not. 

I’ve heard about Bengals not being officially hypoallergenic (due to lack of research) but lots of cat allergy sufferers claiming they were. Now not only is the Bengal potentially hypoallergenic but they also look pretty nice with their beautiful rosetted fur coats. We took the plunge on a 75% Bengal we named Sandy, thinking that would be enough Bengel DNA to be hypoallergenic, we was wrong, we kept her for 2 weeks, my allergies got so bad I was unable to breath at night due to my asthma, I’ve only suffered from asthma once before in my life and that was when I was 18 due to a mouldy damp house. 

So we were force to give Sandy away, we were devastated, so we decided to give up on the idea of having a cat altogether. We decided we were going to buy a reptile instead due to the guarantee of no allergic reaction, we went to the pet shop on a Wednesday afternoon only to find it was shut due to a family emergency. After coming back home with a disappointed little boy we decided to look into a purebred Bengal, we knew the risk would be high still that I could be allergic but we took the plunge anyway on our new little Bengal kitten Luna. 

3 days on I’ve yet to experience any allergies, I’m trying not to jynx it but could this truly be a hypoallergenic cat? Time will tell, I will keep this blog updated with my progress.