The Bastards!

So since 2-3 months ago my iPhone 5 started to turn on me, fucking me in the arse to be blunt! Now I’m 100 percent that the iPhone 5 is apples worst iPhone yet! A problem arose with the sleep/wake button that I was expecting to pay £50-£70 for a fix that would only cost £10 to do it myself! Luckily Apple has had so many people call in with the same problem that they have started to offer free repairs for the fault if you bought your phone in the last 2 years, great but it still doesn’t justify such a shitty design for such a basic function!

Anyway UPS picked up the phone yesterday the bastards! Hope it’s not to long without my precious.


Hello Mr Siri!

When I had the iPhone 4 the 4s was released a year into my 2 year contract, and Siri was born, I was a wee bit envious of the 4s having this new feature and was hoping apple would eventually port it to the 4 but that obviously never happened. Fast forward a year later and I now have the iPhone 5 and of course Siri comes with.

So as fun as Siri was it of course became a novelty after a while and even with Cydia hacks its only fun now and again. Though I may have lost interest Oliver hasn’t, he loves Siri. Oliver has learnt how to activate it by holding the home button and he always has a little conversation with the bot. But of course Siri is not programmed to understand baby babbles but it sure has a go.

Candyshell For iPhone 5

So I finally got my grubby hands on the latest apple tech and the awesome jailbreak Evasi0n!

When you do own one of these expensive little devices we like to call iPhone’s and your too greedy or dumb to pay the insurance, what do you need? A case my friend and a good one. Not some Shitty clip on that will do more harm then good.

So I went for a little surf on eBay and invested in a speck Candyshell. It has always been my number one favourite brand for iPhone and this delicious beauty has it all.

It’s the Pool Blue & Salmon Pink version, Check it out brethren!


She’s finally here!

The iPhone 5 is here, she’s a beaut, slimmer lighter and a hell of a lot faster, the extra length is appealing to the hand and camera is a much improvement to the 4, I wouldn’t know about the 4s.

We were lucky though, we expected to be able to get the iPhone 5 beginning of next year but with extreme luck my fiancé won one on the Swedish three facebook page, she had won an iPad 2 3 months ago also, very slimy as we would say in Yorkshire.

The iPhone 5 is appealing to the eye, we got the white and it looks like god crafted it himself, my only problem is not with the iPhone 5 it’s self but the current OS build, it’s 6.0 there newest and best build yet but it’s not the functioning that upsets me its the lack of jailbreak, I’m a jailbreak freak, the iPhone is rendered useless and boring without it.

Hopefully soon a dev team will release one or else It will be HTC for me … I hope to god it doesn’t come to that!


The amazing iPhone 5…. Not!


So the iPhone 5 is available for pre-order now in the UK as of today, I know there’s been a lot of disappointment regarding the iPhone 5 and I cant deny it, I was a bit disappointed myself, I would have been been more so if I had the 4s right now, at least I can look forward to the camera update from 5MP to 8MP… Wow!

Here is a funny iPhone 5 spoof I found just to make humour Of the widespread disappointment, enjoy!!!