Just another day Frank

It’s just another Friday nothing spectacular apart from it was fricking snowing!!!! I sound more excited in writing when in reality I’m sat on the sofa peering out the window and I say in the most bleak black dullest depressing voice “oh babe it’s snowing” haha that is the truth but in my mind it is thrilling but by the time it reaches my tongue it just sounds like some soul draining slur to kill whatever vibe your carrying. But most things I say come out that way anyway, I need to work on my enthusiasm I think.

Today we had an errand to hand in a form in Lerum centre , so that meant a walk to the bus stop with icy snowy winds suffocating my every breath and annoying baggage but in the end it turned out to be pretty refreshing to get some cold air on my face. Finally got home after some food shopping had a nice meal bathed Olly and got him to the land of nod and then indulged with some cookies a cupcake and grapes, random as fuck but delicious never the less!

Watched a movie (Her) which I have had my eye on for a few months now, was a great movie about some nerd who falls in a love with an Operating system, we all been there right? But also pretty depressing and removing my penis would probably have been more fun then this coma inducing movie but hey that’s what the critics love, I guess maybe I haven’t fully evolved from a bacteria yet. It turned out to be a good day, looking forward to tomorrow and hopefully the snow won’t go too soon.

Good night!


Never ending road!

So we finally escaped the grips of Penny lane and are now living in the serene lands of Lerum. We no longer have to fear the disturbed people of Högsbo, thank The Lord! As with any move it takes time to adapt and become acquainted with its newness, for me this takes some time.

Today is time to reflect on the past week and try and gain some energy from all the anxieties of what a move brings.
After a botched attempt to get a BBQ started I think we shall settle for already prepared ribs and then later on sleep 0_o