An apple a day!

I’ve been very naughty, I make these promises to myself that I will blog more, but unfortunately it doesn’t happen. My excuse this time is sickness, a virus has been bouncing around indoors and smacked me right in the cheeks.
Even though I was sick and should have been blogging about been sick, I failed.

But with poorly baby who is also teething its stressful enough just taking a dump so blogging is the last thing in mind. Over to more positive news, I happened to stumble upon a 2010 unibody white MacBook, it’s beautiful! Always wanted a MacBook but wasn’t willing to fork out the ridiculous price tags and the white ones I prefer rather then the aluminium MacBook Pro. So that was my excitement for the day, then tomorrow is a dreadful day packed with appointments, public transport and a up hill hike, awesome!