On the up

I’m on the mend although my stomach is still sensitive to discomfort after eating and I can’t eat as much grub which maybe isn’t a bad thing. I’m tired now after forcing my self awake past my bedtime to finish watching the movie 12 years a slave.

I’m absolutely knackered now and can’t get the images off the bloody whipped up backs of those poor slaves almost looked like strips of freshly cut bacon in the movie, I think I might become vegetarian on that thought.

In bed now and ready to sleep, if only I could get an extra hour in bed tomorrow, that would make a fine Sunday indeed. Sleep well!


A night at the movies!

Yesterday was a break a breather a time to remember what it feels like to have zero responsibilities, yes that’s right, it was movie night! It was our 2nd night away from our little terror Oliver so we (my fiancé and I) decided to goto the cinema to see the new movie Looper.

It was my first time going to a Swedish cinema, movies are one of my greatest enjoyments in life so it was exciting to be able to see them on the big screen again!

The movie was full of people, not many seats left, something I’m not used to coming from such a small city (Kingston Upon Hull), It does set more of mood with the movie to be able to share that moment with complete strangers and embrace there energy and feel there laughter.

It was a pleasant evening, laid back with nothing to stress, although we can’t deny we missed the baby hoping he missed us back, I’m sure he did, we hope!

And for reference the movie (Looper) was awesome, I recommend to any sci-fi fan out there!